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Pre conference

October 5th - 2022

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Financial services Public sector Industrial
19.00-22.00 Networking Reception at Bozar

Conference day 1

October 6th - 2022

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Financial services Public sector Corporate
09.00 Opening address by ECIIA and IIA Belgium Presidents
09.10 The importance of internal audit
09.25 The future businesses: upcoming challenges
10.25 Coffee break
10.40 The future of Europe: How will the economy evolve? How will Europe become Green & Digital? How will European companies look like in the future? What are the opportunities in Europe?
11.30 Operational Resilience: the Synergy of reputation, Health and Safety, environment, cyber, and social performance
12.20 Lunch - Commercial Corner by Caseware IDEA at the ARC Lounge
13.20 The impact of Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) on internal audit in the financial services How to combat fraud in public sector - Panel The ESG journey and the role of IA and other assurance providers in industrial companies
14.20 Three lines model: the effective collaboration between the 2nd and 3rd Line in the Banking sector Internal and external audit in the Public Sector. Two roles, one destiny Risk in Focus 2023: Navigating the perfect storm of high-impact interlocking risks
15.20 Coffee break
15.35 The future of Internal audit: How to build the function of the future? How to continue providing secure oversight while adapting to a dynamic risk landscape?
16.35 Sustainability: from license to operate to license to grow
17.25 End & evening details
19.00 - 00.00 Gala dinner at Autoworld

Conference day 2

October 7th - 2022

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Sustainability Innovation/IT Soft skills
09.00 It's not Digital Transformation. It's Radical Innovation!
10.00 The future of the three lines model: How to keep the model relevant and fit for purpose? How to coordinate the lines in today’s organisations? How to assist the Board/ Governing Body in their new oversight duties?
11.00 Coffee break
11.20 Leverage Software to Manage ESG Regulation & Risk General overview of the European Directive on whistleblowers The auditor of the future
12.15 Lunch - Commercial Corner by Wolters Kluwer at the ARC Lounge
13.20 Risk management in ESG area The role of internal audit in fostering IT innovation Radical Reporting
14.15 Geopolitical risks: how can internal audit assist the organisation? Cyberresiliency in IT Audit The collaboration with the other assurance providers: How to gain trust?
15.15 Coffee break
15.30 How to be resilient? How to adapt faster? How to be ready for the new world?
16.30 Call for 2023 conference
16.37 Thank you & wrap up
16.45 End

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Meet our keynote speakers

Eva De Bleeker

Eva De Bleeker

State Secretary for Budget and Consumer Protection, attached to the Minister of Justice and North Sea
  • FPS Policy and Support: joint authority with the Minister of the Civil Service and the State Secretary for Digitization
  • joint competence with the Minister of Economy, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Pensions: Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA)
  • Consumer affairs: joint competence with the Minister of Economy
Christiaan Dommerholt

Christiaan Dommerholt

Cyberresiliency in IT Audit

Christiaan Dommerholt leads the Grant Thornton Netherlands Business Risk Services department and is working in the (IT) Audit domain for more than 15 years. He joined Grant Thornton in 2015. Christiaan is a Chartered Accountant and certified IT Auditor. Due this combination, Christiaan is one of the specialist within Grant Thornton in the area of (IT) audit and he is working between business and IT. His work varies from internal audits, third party assurance (ISAE, SOC, data privacy) and financial audit support. Christiaan has a specific interest in the use of data analytics solutions (including Big Data and process mining) and he is a member of the Special Interest Group 'Data Analytics' within Grant Thornton.

Ramsés Gallego

Ramsés Gallego

It's not Digital Transformation. It's Radical Innovation!

We are living through times of change where technology plays an instrumental role. There are massive developments that fundamentally change the society we aspire to be. New business models, wider visibility for organizations and individuals, a greater democratization on the use of technology with a greater touch on disruption, rapid iterations and new versions of everything. We must, however, comprehend all these changes and, most importantly, governing them all for the greater good. Some people call it ‘Technology Revolution’, some others tag it as ‘Digital Transformation’... This is not just an era of changes but the change of an epoch. Fostered by technology, driven by change, focused in the future. It’s not Digital Transformation what is required. It’s Radical Innovation.

A +22 years security professional with deep expertise in the Risk Management and Governance areas with an MBA and Law education, Ramsés is currently the International Chief Technology Officer with Micro Focus, where he is responsible for the vision and mission of the division. Ramsés has been awarded ‘Best Speaker’ in four continents and has visited over 24 different countries in the past 12 months. He has also been nominated to ISACA's Hall of Fame in 2022. Moreover, Ramsés is a Six Sigma Black Belt professional and is proud of being Past International VP for ISACA's Board of Directors and Immediate Past President and now Ambassador of the Barcelona Chapter. Ramsés is also Executive Vice President of the Quantum World Association and has had the US flag flown in his honour at The Capitol, in Washington DC, USA.

With already 16 Marathons on his legs -and other crazy adventures- and scheduled to run the Tokyo and Boston ones in 2023, he lives...on his legs he lives in Barcelona, Spain, with his wonderful wife and his two loved kids.

Anna Mazzone

Anna Mazzone

EMEA Vice President & Head of Risk Business at ServiceNow

Anna Mazzone leads the Risk & ESG Business in EMEA for ServiceNow and is a non-executive director for The ODI (Open Data Institute) founded by Tim Berners-Lee. In 2013, Anna founded the global capital markets first KYC Managed Shared Services while at Thomson Reuters. In 2016, Anna was named to Innovate Finance ‘Women in Fintech Powerlist.’ Anna sees the intersection of regulation, information, workflow platforms and industry expertise will enable efficiency in enforcement, governance, business resiliency, and competitive advantage.

Ms. Mazzone’s deep domain expertise in information technology for GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance technologies), KYC regulatory requirements as well as knowledge of Third Party Risk/Vendor (KYS/KYV) and financial markets (FinTech), has contributed to significant growth at companies including BAML, Thomson Reuters, CME Group, Markit, and MetricStream. Anna attended the Darla Moore School of Business at University of South Carolina and has a Bachelor of Science in both finance and insurance.

Stefaan Vandist

Stefaan Vandist

Future business: upcoming challenges
  • How can we leverage foresight to predict the future of your business?
  • Sustainability
  • Artificial Intelligence

Stefaan is author of We, Myself and AI and public speaker on Foresight and Sustainability. He helps organizations explore the big challenges they have ahead and develop innovation boulevards in order to thrive and be resilient. He has worked for governments, corporates, start-ups and even musea. During an energetic presentation or workshop, he and the participants unfold a set of innovation pathways with large potential for the future of the participants’ industry. His story is driven by a diversity of inspiring examples in the Benelux and abroad.

Richard Van Hooijdonk

Richard Van Hooijdonk

How to be resilient?

In order to survive and grow, sectors and companies need to rethink their business models. Many companies from the ‘old economy’ will disappear, while others will grow faster than ever before. Inspiring insights into the steps that organisations and sectors can take to successfully emerge from this crisis – or even more successful than before.

As a futurist, keynotespeaker and trendwatcher, Richard van Hooijdonk is an authority on new technology. His inspiration sessions have been attended by over 550,000 people. Richard is a regular guest at radio and television programs. Trendwatcher, futurist and international keynote speaker Richard takes you to an inspiring future that will dramatically change the way we live, work and do business.

Esther Wolfs

Esther Wolfs

Sustainability: from license to operate to license to grow

During this session you will be presented with the fundamentals, trends & developments of the concept sustainability. What do these trends and recommendations mean for your businesses and its future role in society. We will touch upon why it is important to define sustainability risks and opportunities in your organization. We will look into transition risks and physical risks and how they will impact your business performance. We will discuss how increasing (EU) legislation brings strategic and disclosure requirements that change the role of financials and impact the evolving landscape of frameworks and standards. And how these developments jointly push sustainability to business continuity, core strategy and the C-level agenda.

Track and Panel speakers

  • Koen Albers

    Koen Albers

  • Georges Ataya

    Georges Ataya

  • Tatjana Bachem

    Tatjana Bachem

  • John Bendermacher

    John Bendermacher

  • Florence Bindelle

    Florence Bindelle

  • Olivier Boutellis

    Olivier Boutellis

  • Adriana Cavaliere

    Adriana Cavaliere

  • Prof. Dr. Dick de Waard RA MA

    Prof. Dr. Dick de Waard RA MA

  • Migiel de Wit-Beets

    Migiel de Wit-Beets

  • Isabel Derison

    Isabel Derison

  • Rob Garcia

    Rob Garcia

  • Jamie Graham

    Jamie Graham

  • Gavin Hayes

    Gavin Hayes

  • Boris Hemkemeier

    Boris Hemkemeier

  • Rolands Irklis

    Rolands Irklis

  • Sara I. James

    Sara I. James

  • Miguel Janssoone

    Miguel Janssoone

  • Dr. Manfred Kraff

    Dr. Manfred Kraff

  • Dr. Amélie Lachapelle

    Dr. Amélie Lachapelle

  • Dr. Rainer Lenz

    Dr. Rainer Lenz

  • Soledad Llamas

    Soledad Llamas

  • Kevin Major

    Kevin Major

  • Darius Matusevicius

    Darius Matusevicius

  • Anne Hélène Monsellato

    Anne Hélène Monsellato

  • Paolo Nasi

    Paolo Nasi

  • Melvyn Neate

    Melvyn Neate

  • Ralu Elena Nistor-Lustermans

    Ralu Elena Nistor-Lustermans

  • Egide Nzabonimana

    Egide Nzabonimana

  • Olga Petelczyc

    Olga Petelczyc

  • Vicky Politou

    Vicky Politou

  • Anthony Pugliese

    Anthony Pugliese

  • Benedikt Schwab

    Benedikt Schwab

  • Hugues Tasiaux

    Hugues Tasiaux

  • Thomas Tindemans

    Thomas Tindemans

  • Massimiliano Turconi

    Massimiliano Turconi

  • Marc Vael

    Marc Vael

  • Els Van den Bossche

    Els Van den Bossche

  • Chiara Velenich

    Chiara Velenich

  • James Watson

    James Watson

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